Brook Montana: Online Dating Scam

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23 thoughts on “Brook Montana: Online Dating Scam

  1. Haha knew it. Did my own fair share of investigation on this ad. Once I googled her supposed Snap-chat name and saw how there were multiple sites with the exact same video introduction I knew it was instantly a scam.


  2. I texted her today after an ad showed up in Craigslist. It looked real generic so I asked what city she wasn’t in. She replied look at the ad. It’s there. I told her that this would prove she was actually in my city or not since she states she will meet in person after the deposit is made. She refused multiple times to give me a location. Staying everyone else knows and it’s in the ad. She even said since I’m texting we must be close lol. “If you need to ask if I’m near you after viewing my ad and texting me then I’m not interested” was one response. Obvious fake here.


  3. I thought I was pretty good on spotting scams (obviously I suck), cuz I was JUST about to pay the $25 deposit- which sounded understandable at first, to see who’s really serious– but I got suspicious when I saw the cam show. Why not use pay pal or venmo. When I was just about to say why not give it a try, I saw ur article. Thanks for saving me 25 bucks man. But it’s not just about a small amount of $$. Thank u for saving me from the me from the inevitable embarrassment & terrible feeling one experiences when realizing you just got played like a sucker. I’ve been ripped off before, and no guy should feel that shame & have to kick himself like that. In most cases, we’re swallowing enough pride paying 4 an escort. You did a great service & probably helped a lot of guys from getting hurt, by taking the time to do this investigation. That’s good karma man– I hope it comes back to ya 👍🏼👊🏼


  4. I posted a much-deserves thank you a min ago. I forgot to mention, I’m in Charleston, SC and she is advertising here & the surrounding area.


  5. link to cl is flagged for removal

    the latest ad using this number and a new photo in it that you don’t have.



      • apologies. i thought i had added it to my post, but here it is, as it was still in my google search.


  6. She’s advertising on CL in the Portland, OR area tonight. Easily identifiable by the hair and glasses. I found this site by G’ling her phone # which she is holding up in her pic. What’s creepy is that she cites a Portland area landmark in her ad.


  7. using 3125080054 here on Craigslist. Hudson NY,
    I was tempted to just go ahead put the $26 on (she’s alexis2 according to the website) and at least see if the girl matches the pictures. That camgirl acct at least seems to be a common thread.
    She’s investing enough time to at least pick something local to get your attention.
    Too bad, hot girl.


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