Do you have a recommendation to what Dating Site or App I should use?


I might post some information about a site, it might or might not be flattering. I will not have any affiliate links to any Online Dating Site or Dating App. There are plenty of review sites out there. Just remember, that other sites, particularly review sites, might have the sole purpose of having you to click thru to sign up to a site.  Please judge the site content accordingly.

Also, many dating sites are branded presentations for White Label dating services.  It is these dating services companies that are at the root of most of the “get verified” scams you have seen on this site.   You can read why that is the case, in my post Get Verified: Tinder, Badoo, and Craigslist – Matrix of a Scam

Are you against online dating and dating apps?

Not at all.

Digital Life is Life. I am practical.  If you are a heterosexual male, the odds are stacked against you. Online dating sites vary in quality, but an August 2015 the Washington Post article reports less that 2% of profiles are real women.  Even the most reputable of dating sites are desperate for women to join, and have have an ample supply of con artists.   One of the top scammers in 2015, was using Match, and ChristianMingle to meet his victims.  You can read more here.

What is a Dating Scam?

Somethings are obvious, but that will be an ever evolving question.  Peoples creativity will never cease to amaze me.   Visit my Whats a Scam page for my definition.

If Online dating is not effective for men, what do you recommend?  

The most important thing for a man, is to invest in himself.  Spend the time and effort to improve social skills in a way that is attractive to women.  My starting point of reference is that men have been mislead.  The popular media misleads with politically correct messages that are nice and easy to consume, but do not attract women sexually.   In fact, most of what men learn growing up, is a turn off and puts you in the “lets just be friends zone”

Then of course, there is the killer question:  If you do happen to meet a real woman on a site, then what?  Do you have the skill to close the deal?

I suggest  you read my post Secrets for Attracting Women.  This is a guide will show the areas of attraction that you need to know if you want to be successful with women, and the supporting products from David Deangelo, Double Your Dating, an Affiliate partner of Ronin Eternales.

Is Ronin your real name?

No, it is my pen name. This is primarily due to fact that my day job is for one of America’s largest financial institutions.  My job has provided me with a wealth of digital life experience, and gives me up-to-the minute insights on cyber-threats.  That said, I don’t want any of my Magazine to be intermingled with the Bank, and neither do they.  I can never discuss what our responses are to digital threats.  For now, I will need to let the quality of my posts and research speak for themselves.