Brook Loreno, Brook Love – A Scam by Any Other Name

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I am in the process of building a new site with a better design.  The Articles that review Brook, or whatever her name is today, sites are now being maintained on my new site.

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27 thoughts on “Brook Loreno, Brook Love – A Scam by Any Other Name

  1. Ronin,

    Thanks for the article and the research. I have been dealing with ‘her’ the last few days, trying to decide what was too good to be true and a hoax. This story made up my mind. I found her on pof out of the Des Moines Iowa area. New number is 312-399-4474. is the new site. Same ‘chick’ in the pics you posted. Today is 3/15/17. Hope this helps save people money!


  2. I found one on CL I have a screen shot of her recent message with a photo. Killeen,tx. But I’m sure it’s a scam and she texts me everyday and I’ve blocked her but somehow she can still text me.
    210-984-2278 is the number she uses.


  3. Hey so there’s a new girl in town and I’m not sure if it’s “Brook” but she’s using the EXACT same form as Brook.
    This is the info that I got. Supposedly her name is Ashley but at one point when I was flipping between pages the header of her page said “Brook L” and I was super confused. I’m not so confused anymore


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  5. Showing up on POF in Birmingham as Brook Marx. Website It was easy to tell it was fake when she had “creampie and facial” on her website, then her “booking” was a cam site.


  6. She’s in Miami still posting on POF her number is 209 518 5818 now.When I sent a screenshot of this site,she said “yup someone stole my information which I why I had to change everything”..She goes through a lot of hassle like sent me candid screen shots provjng it was really her I was talking to all for $25 bucks which makes you think she’s for real and it’s worth losing 25 bucks to find out!! But if everyone would stop paying her then she wouldn’t be able to operate anymore..The key is she goes for such a small amount of money

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  7. This piece of shit whore is truly a busy little bitch that will drag you and really make you think it’s her..The FBI should be informed of this!!!


    • Thanks for the comment. I understand the thought. My perspective would be that I would rather the FBI focus on terrorism and prevention. The bigger scam/fraud is the get verified and unauthorized cc charges see my post on unauthorized credit card charges). That said I have a huge amount of raw data that law enforcement would find interesting.


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