Brooklyn Miller: Online Dating Scam

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15 thoughts on “Brooklyn Miller: Online Dating Scam

  1. Beware. She is now in Boston as “Brook Miller”. She posted a cl ad saying that she just “got a Brazilian” and wants you to rate it. In the photo she held up a hand-written sign with a bogus phone number. I text the phone number which right me to a very convincing tumblr page described in this very helpful article. I closed out of the tumblr and deleted her number. So all I have to give you is the
    ***’s Snapchat: msbrookmiller
    I chatted her asking if I could wire her the $25 via snapcash. She obviously refused. When I asked her what her tumblr link was, she ignored me.

    I hit up the same add 9 months ago and it just dawned on me that it was the same scam. I didn’t do anything that time Cuz she refused my cash.

    If you see a very convincing cl add with a cute girl with dyed red hair, glasses sitting in a dark bedroom with a handwritten cell phone number, that is brook Miller. Her tumblr is very convincing and has this Snapchat handle:
    She appears as Brook Dracula on Snapchat.



  2. Decided to go ahead and confirm this scam so there is no question about it anymore (if there still was).
    The site so far seems to be the standard cam site ( a little heavy handed on trying to get you to pay more money tho) I still haven’t seen her actually online doing a show.
    She used a Craigslist add and this phone number (920)5708380.
    Oh claims to live in nevada.


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