what’s a scam?

Just focusing on online dating scams and the typical patterns I see.  Romance Scams, once you actually have met someone, is an entirely different topic.

Generally anything that is deceptive or misleading.   We might find something distasteful, or not agree with it, but as long as you know what it is you are dealing with, it is hard to call it a scam


Any time a “date” asks you to go to another website for any reason.

Any personal profile or post that uses a picture stolen from another person.

Pretending to be interested in an individual and asking for money.

Escorts that do not say they are escorts.   Example:  A post from a “lonely mom” who tells you it is “pay to play” or is having financial troubles after you contact her.

Websites that have mostly fake profiles.

What is not a Scam

A post or profile that is looking Escort that is looking for a Generou$ gentleman, or gift required or a $ugar daddy.  If the lady is upfront about expectations, who am I to judge.

A post or ad suggesting to join a web site.




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