Craigs Friend Finder & Craigs X Meets Date Verification Scam

This Site is Moving!

I am in the process of building a new site with a better design.  The Articles that review the Craig’s Dating Verification sites are now being maintained on my new site.

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9 thoughts on “Craigs Friend Finder & Craigs X Meets Date Verification Scam

  1. Even though Craigs Friend Finder is clearly a scam, you advertising for David DeAngelo at the end makes you look like a bit of a phoney, too.


    • David is the real deal, I guy I met in LA in 1999. His skill and teaching will benefit any man and I recommend spending time learning so one can be successful with women, rather than spending time hoping on craigs list.


  2. Please help me with this. I fell for the scam thru craigs friend finder amy asked me to get verified and took my credit card info. It told me approved. Then i found out its a scam please i need toi need help asap plz


  3. Thank you so much fot this information. I was about to get sucked in by Amy but thought to google it before giving out my cc information and as usual its another scam praying on single men looking for a lady


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