Safe Casual Daters – Get Verified Scam

Safe Casual Daters is a get verified scam that is common in the online dating world. It refers to the murder in the classifieds as reason for you to “get verified.”  “…We verify your age and check that you are not a registered sex offender. If you are cleared as safe, a 100% FREE VIP upgrade is provided…

This one signs you up for cam and porn sites, at a cool $130.00 month if you’re not careful.

The Safe Casual Daters site has the same webpage design and code as other scams, such as the Safe and Single family of Get Verified scam websites. is the unfortunately all too typical get verified scam.  The process of sign-up asks for a user name and an email,  then on the next page you are to enter your credit card.

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The set up 

The scam starts when you get an email from “Cathy”,  she is interested in meeting you.  I will spare the agony of the sloppy email for you, but suffice it to say it is littered with copy-paste remnants and difficult to read.  Eventually, she gets around to telling you she wants you to get verified, and sends you a link to the Safe Casual Daters web site. welcomes you to Bagledesh.

Sort of… Safe Casual Daters is owned by Hasna Khatun, who reports his location in Dhaka, Bangledesh. However, is not where you are typing your information – you are really typing you information in another website without your knowledge.

Here is how it works

Thru use of a web programming command, known as IFrame, you are typing your information in another site, without you knowing it. The iframe command is used to display the content from another site, within the site currently displayed in your browser. In this case, uses the website acts as a kind of controller, and click generator. It displays content from, and directs your input to, a rotation of porn sites. By going to the source code of the web page, and clicking directly on the dateverifytracking link (that you can’t see), I was able to determine the actual sites, and see the full content. Most of these sites are too pornographic for my PG rated blog.  One tame example is

Safe Casual Daters Fine Print: $130/month

Note that you can’t see the chargest, the iframe command is hiding it. What you see is this:

Safe Casual Dater Scam

This is what you don’t see because the iFrame command is preventing you from seeing it. hidden charges

Hidden Charges

Let me summarize that for you

  • Free 2 day trial promo to Premier Passport; after that it bills at $39.95/month
  • – 7 Days Free Trial, after that it bills at $39.94/month
  • – 10 Days Free Trial, after that it bills at fixed $49.95/month

That’s nearly $130.00 a month! 

And remember, you don’t know these terms are there.  Your first knowledge of the charge is likely to be when you get the credit card bill.  By that time you have passed the “trial period”.  The site asks you to check your email after you verify.  You might get that email, or it might end up in the spam folder.

If you notice the text “Terms and Conditions”.  That in-fact is a hyperlink to a set of Terms and Conditions.  In this case, those T&C’s are referring to a company Halsey Investments ltd. in the UK. There you can read about the $39.95 / month billing.   The other charges are not listed.

get verified scam picture

“Cindy” from casual daters

Halsey Investments has 3 directors

  • David Hammond – 64 Rectory Lane, Byfleet, West Byfleet, Surrey, England, KT14 7LU
  • Angela Thompson

David Hammond was the only person with an address that was not the company address. Halsey Investments address is UNIT 1 CONSETT BUSINESS PARK, VILLA REAL, CONSETT, COUNTY DURHAM, DH8 6BP.   According to Companies House (the UK registry of companies), there are 22 companies in a tiny little office park building.  Hmmm. – But wait, there’s more!

There is another site underneath safe casual daters.  If you click the “declined or received an error” button, you are directed to   Again there are charges.  There the disclosure is visible this time (my emphasis):

You have chosen access for 1 day using our promotional trial offer charged at one dollar and eighty seven cents. If you choose to remain a member you will be billed thirty four dollars and ninety five cents monthly until cancelled.  This charge will appear on your cardholder statement as ‘’

Remember though, you started with the website that stated everything was free.  Another thing that I observed is that the name that is to appear on your cardholder statement is a rotation.  Here is a small sample:

  • MATE-US.COM 8772486711
  • SWTSPPRT.COM 8772743841

Faking location

The site shows a location of your “date”.  The way they do it is by using a java script code from  Geoplugin is code that determines your general location by looking at your IP address.  The scam website takes that information and makes it appear as if your “date” is in the same general area as  you.  If you go to the site from California, you will see your date near you as well.

Follow the Money – Safe Casual Daters

Now we see how they are making their money.  A Bangledeshi entrepreneur sets up a web site, then underneath you get signed up for a subscription to a pornographic site. The cost is hidden, and when you find the bill on your credit card its too late.

No doubt the idea is to sneak a charge in on your credit card, and by the time you actually get it off, you are happy to have it stopped, and be done with the hassle, even if it cost $130.

If this all seems convoluted and complex, it is no doubt on purpose.  It obfuscates even more complexity – the rotating sites are front ends for a while label porn site/company.  The front end site does the marketing, while the White Label company billing, and collects the money.       If you want to understand how these relationship are connected, and see how the money flows, read my blog post Get Verified: Tinder, Badoo, and Craigslist – Matrix of a Scam.

No Happy Ending here

Your date “Cathy” is just a few lines of code in the web page created by some guy in Bangladesh.

I think a reasonable finding of fact would conclude that what is happening is fraud.

As far as goes, they do disclose the charges so they are probably within the letter of the law.  Still, the overall intent to deceive is clear.  It started out as a date, that turned in to a “free” verification service, that turned in to a credit card charg

Of course you should never enter  your credit card in one of these sites.   Hopefully, what you can take away is to recognize the pattern early.  No legitimate person is going to ask you to sign  up to a website to verify yourself.  As soon as that happens just move on.

If you have been snagged by this kind of a scam

What you need to do is call your bank, and dispute the charges.  I have no problem with you referring them to this article to back up your story.  Any fraud investigator at a bank will be able to take the information I have posted here and verify if needed.  Chances are the bank will just reverse the charge as deceptive or fraudulent, and that will be that.  Except you also need to cancel your credit card.  You cannot be sure who actually has your card.

On a happier note…

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Post Script

Recognizing an Online Dating Scammer

Here are some of the quick things to watch for on Craigslist, or any internet forum for that matter.

  • Poor use of the English language (or what ever language is native to your location)
  • The poster places quick contact information in the ad, such as  phone number, email address, Kik ID, etc.
  • Fake pictures – see my page on Tineye Search
  • Lots of blank spaces between the end of the text and the bottom of the post (the bot has a bug that they don’t seem to care about)
  • 2 pictures that are the same
  • Cell phone numbers that are not from Retail Providers – See my Cell Phone Farmer post.
  • Patterns – really, they use the same text over and over again.
  • Over the top language – There are some real women on sites, the approach that a woman uses (even in casual hookups) is not likely to be  like something from a porno flick.

For additional information, you can visit the FBI, which has additional behaviors of the typical scammer. – Registry

Registrant Name: Hasna Khatun
Registrant Street: Vill. gonogram, P.O. & P.S. Ghatail
Registrant City: Tangail
Registrant State/Province: Dhaka
Registrant Postal Code: 1983
Registrant Country: BD
Registrant Phone: +880.1925300148
Registrant Email: – Registry

Registrant Name: CRAZY PROTOCOL
Registrant Organization: CRAZY PROTOCOL
Registrant Street: 7040 AVENIDA ENCINAS
Registrant Street: STE 104-300
Registrant City: CARLSBAD
Registrant State/Province: CA
Registrant Postal Code: 92011
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.8002187142
Registrant Email: DOMAINOWNER@CRAZYPROTOCOL.COM is registered anonymously in Panama.  It has a chain of websites that it goes thru before you end up on the porn site. In this case, it redirects to before it lands on the porn site.


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