Unauthorized Credit Card Charges

Did you get an unknown, unauthorized credit card charge from a website that you have never seen before?  Does it look like gibberish?

If you have found this site by searching the name of a strange credit card charge, most likely it is deceptive, probably fraudulent.

This Site is Moving!

I am in the process of building a new site with a better design.  The new site has a page tailored to the specific billing page that brought you here, and better explanations of what happened.  Additionally you will find information that has:

  • What you need to do now
  • Your rights as a credit card holder
  • A Credit Card Dispute procedure


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18 thoughts on “Unauthorized Credit Card Charges

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  4. Yep it got me good, too good. I can say I thought I spot these things easily but that wasn’t the case lol. New to a dating site first time ever on one. Within the first hour I had 4 msgs from Different women I decided to accept the one from Washington, claiming to be visiting Canada for 2 weeks. Got sent Bit.LY links with SSL encryption… Anything can happen be careful especially Models claiming a Private Modeling Agency. never give any Credit Card info for verification. It’s as easy as picture ID. .


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    • No sé qué es lo que estás preguntando.
      si su tarjeta de crédito se está cargando, cancele su tarjeta de crédito.

      I dont know what you are asking. If your credit card is being charged, cancel your credit card.


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  9. First…and foremost…thanks for your time and efforts to put a vast amount of time into this. Secondly… I had found two of these culprits on a bank statement about a year ago. Everything was taken care of in short order. Some are not so diligent.


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