Unauthorized Credit Card Charges

Did  you get an unknown, unauthorized credit card charge from a website that looks like gibberish?  You could have been tricked in to signing up for a dating or porn service, without your knowledge.

If you have found this site, by searching the name of a mysterious credit card charge, most likely it is fraudulent.

Lets walk through what probably happened…

Unauthorized Credit Card Charges can start from Get Verified Scams

These scams abound on online dating sites and applications.  You could have been on Craigslist, or Tinder, Baddoo, or KiK, or wherever.  The truth is that even the most reputable online dating sites have scammers lurking in them.

In the “Get Verified” scam, your “date” directed you to a website that asked you to use a “free” verification service.  In fact, there is a deliberately hidden charge or charges that you incur without your knowledge.

You can see exactly, how these sites work in this post: Get Verified: Tinder, Badoo, and Craigslist – Matrix of a Scam

For this post, I will focus on what the consumer experience is, and why these unknown credit card charges are fraudulent.  There are thousands of these “get verified” sites.  They come and go.  I will pick one that is currently active,  “Safe and Single” – freehookupmembar.com [sic].

The Get Verified scam site, routes you to a billing site for a dating website.  It looks like gibberish, but there is an association that is occurring.  For instance GFNDAT.com  is the billing name and sign up site for GoFindDates.com

Lets start at the beginning, so you can understand what is going on.

The email Click

It starts with get an email or message from “Anita” with a link that says “My Profile”, which links to freehookupmembar.com/Anita-M/.

What  you see

When you land on the site, you are presented a page that shows some fake information about a woman, whom you can meet, but you have to verify, “for Free”.  This is what you will see: mysterycharge1

After you type in the basic information, the page changes, and it looks like this:

mystery credit card charge

What you cannot see

Thru use of a web programming command called iframe, you are really typing your information in another website without you knowing it.  In this instance, the site that is being presented is gfndat.com (go find dates).   The first page looks like this


OK no big deal.  Look at the second part, taking note of the difference in the grey areas of the web page:


Here is the important part from the fine print:

Your access to Dates.Hookup includes a 2 day free trial promo to Go Find Dates. If you choose to remain a member of Go Find Dates beyond the trial period, your membership will renew at thirty nine dollars and ninety nine cents.

It doesn’t say it here, but that $39.99  is a per month charge.

The way that the freehookupmembar.com site uses the iframe command, you cannot see fine print, you have no ability to see it – unless  you go to the source code, and click on the iframe link.  This is something that the average consumer could not know how to do.  I don’t want to get too technical, but lets look a little at the code.  Here is a picture of the actual iframe command from the web site code, with my emphasis:Unknown Credit card charge

The “src” shows the website that is controlling the content of the site.  The “width” and “height” (number of screen pixels) is set to only show a part of the target page.  The “scrolling=no” prevents you from scrolling to the part of the page that you cannot see.

The uetrk.com site acts as a controller, that sends you thru other sites that rotate the  dating sites where you are really typing your information.  Each time the site is used, it could land in a different dating site.  You can read how  this happens in detail in the post: Get Verified: Tinder, Badoo, and Craigslist – Matrix of a Scam.

The dating sites web page is designed to be used this way.

The pictures in “what you cannot see” (above) show the entire web page.  That web page,  where you are really typing your information, contains only the basic data entry elements and the hidden text.    Contrast that to any web site where you are signing up for a service, where you have a full page of content that describes where you are and what you are doing. Said differently, the owner of the the  branded dating site created a page specifically for someone else to use to sign up to their site.

Lets Summarize what happened

  • You are asked to verify by typing in a credit card.
  • You are shown that it is a free service (repeatedly).
  • You are sent to a different page, without you knowing it.
  • The page that shows the credit card charge is deliberately hidden from you – and – overt steps have been taken to prevent you from seeing it.
  • You have no idea you have this charge, until after your “trial period” is over.

A reasonable finding of facts would conclude this is fraud.  You might be sent an email that reminds you, which could easily end up in the spam folder.  Even if you do see the email, you are not aware you have a charge, so you typically would not look for it.

It could cost you even more…

These sites typically to operate in two different modes.  Usually as described above.  Sometimes they refer you to a site, that signs  you up for 3 different pornographic / webcam sites, at almost $130.00 per month.

If you have been snagged by this scam

Call your bank, and dispute the charges.  You should also send written notice within 60 days after the charge appeared on your card, this ensures your rights as a cardholder are protected.  Please feel free to refer to this post.  Any fraud investigator at a bank will be able to take the information I have posted here and verify it. Chances are the bank will just reverse the charge as deceptive or fraudulent, and that will be that. You also need to cancel your credit card.  You cannot be sure who has your credit card number.

If you go to the gibberish site, what you will find is a page that is targeted towards handling disputes to the charges.  They discourage you from disputing the charges with your bank, and they want to handle it themselves.  In doing this, you will need to provide them more personal information.  No doubt they want you to do it this way so that their merchant account doesn’t get suspended.

My opinion… it is not reasonable to continue to interact with parties who have deliberately deceived you.  A reasonable finding of facts would conclude this is fraud.  I strongly advise that you NOT contact them and give them any more information about you.

These companies are shadowy 1-2 person organizations using a 3rd party for the services.  In this case, the gibberish site gfndat.com, is run by Fluffy Bunnies Limited, Marston Moretaine Bedford, England.  The UK Companies House directory lists Natasha Singh-Layal as the director.   Companies House shows 9 companies with the same address.  (Really… Fluffy Bunnies?  I couldn’t make this up if I tried.)

Do you really trust Natasha from Fluffy Bunnies?   Me neither.  Work with the bank who issues the credit card, whom you know and trust.

Visit the Consumer Financial Protection Board for additional information on disputing a credit card charge.

The Billing Sites 

Based on my research, I believe that there are tens-of-thousands of these billing sites and corresponding dating sites that have resulted in fraudulent credit card charges.  I will post them here as I find them.

Note that you can usually take the Dating Site name, and add a .com and find the dating site.

Billing Site Dating Site
abpardt.com Above Par Dating
adthkpdt.com Adult Hookup Dating
afedak.com After dark romance
bcmbssdv.com Become Totally Obsessed In Love
bcmlvbrd.com Become Lovebirds
btfdt.com beautifuldaters.com
btngfnsmt.com Boating Fans Meet
caced.net Loving Your Vagina
cchtd.com chitchatanddate.com
cmegtlve.com Come Get Love
cmttdngv.com Commit To Finding Love
Cnfdep.com Confident People Meet
Cntmve.com Count Me In for Love
cntryklv.com Country Folk Love
cnvst.com conversationistsdate.com
cpdfdr.com Cupid Finds Romance
cvefsg.com Active Fit Singles
dcnnve.com Find Continual Love
dcvrdrnlv.com Discover Adoring Love
dghewa.com Riding The Love Wave
dscrdtnsrv.com Discrete Dating Service.
dscrtdtdtn.com Discrete Adult Dating
dsctdtydt.com Discrete dirty dating
dsctnghdng.com Discrete Naughty Dating
dtntdt.com datenightdating.com
dwnthsrd.com Down This Road Again
edyfue.com Ready For My True Love
ewshgs.com Jewish Single Spot
eydgse.com Easy Dating Site.
fadats.com Final Dates
fedats.com Find More Dates
fmtchd.com Fun Matches Date
fncyes.com Fancy Love Matches
fndhp.com Find our happiness
fndmnstv.com Find Me Earnest Love
frmrsmt.com farmersmeetanddate.com
frqntdtr.com Frequent Daters
fshvsmtp.com  Fetish Lovers Meetup
gdlksng.com Good Looking and Single
gdnfvmth.com Garden Of Love Matches
Gfesdv.com Golfers Need Love
hgndrtnshp.com Hugs And Love Relationships
hkpdrtydtg.com Hook up Dirty Dating
hkpdtgsrvc.com Hook up Dating Service
horura.com Young Adult Xxx
hrthrbdt.com Heart Throbs Date
jstadte.com Just A Date Singles
jylfdt.com enjoylifeanddate.com
kngfmy.com Looking For My Honey
kwikneo.com 8669639485 Easy Sex Gold
lammeh.net My Adult Playpen
lchtcnct.com Tikbox Limited
lcllv.com  Locals Find Love
lstlvrs.com atlastlovers.com
ltlvbgn.com letlovebeginhere.com
lvbgdt.com lovebugsdating.com
lvbzdt.com Love Buzz Dating
lvnfswng.com Love in full swing
mdbfskym.com Married But Frisky Matches
mgcpkm.com Magical Spark Matches
mlvcht.com Movie Lovers Chat And Date
mlvcht.com movieloverschatanddate.com
mnltdin.com Moon light dining
munuz.net Exotic Relations
nbhdsg.com neighborhoodsinglesdate.com
ndutda.com In And Out Dating
ndvehh.com Find Love That Heals
nevrve.com/  Nature Lovers In Love
nghmtchhkp.com Naughty Match Hookup
nghyhkpdtg.com Naughty Hookup Dating
nngvem.com Way Internet Marketing Limited
nrchfbss.com In Search Of Blissful Love
ntchbllv.com Untouchable Love
ntjsflng.com Not Just A Fling
ornati.net Giant Cock Cravers
pesnve.com Pleasant Love
ppevem.com Proper Love Matches
prchrt.com  Precious Hearts And Love
ptpplfnd.com Pet People Find Love
rdytbwd.com readytobewooed.com
rmnceway.com Romance on the way
sdvnghkp.com Seductive Singles Hookup
sgprdt.com singleprofessionalsdate.com
skcpvngv.com Seek Captivating Love
skdzzngd.com Seekout Dazzling Dates
sklvunt.com Ski lovers unite
skrllve.com Seek Real Love
skyrcmp.com Foxy Media BV
smfnd.com Summer Fun Dating
smpgdte.com Same Page Dating
sueram.com Summer Amour
tsdtchth.com Lets Date Eachother
tuvmep.com True Love Meetups
ukyemt.com Funky Lovers Meet
usbutu.com Our Love Is Beautiful
wantav.com Want a Love to Last
wkuget.com Work Out Together In Love
wkupse.com Wake Up Now Singles
ynglvmt.com Young lovers meet
ynngpssn.com Yearning For Passion

4 thoughts on “Unauthorized Credit Card Charges

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  4. Yep it got me good, too good. I can say I thought I spot these things easily but that wasn’t the case lol. New to a dating site first time ever on one. Within the first hour I had 4 msgs from Different women I decided to accept the one from Washington, claiming to be visiting Canada for 2 weeks. Got sent Bit.LY links with SSL encryption… Anything can happen be careful especially Models claiming a Private Modeling Agency. never give any Credit Card info for verification. It’s as easy as picture ID. .


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