digital life survey – online dating

I have heard many many complaints about online dating.  Men struggle to get any legitimate responses.  Even the most legitimate and popular sites and apps have a high man to woman ratio.

For women the quality of responses seems to be an issue.  They complain that they get a flood of responses, most of which  do not appear to have read their profile or payed attention to preferences.  Then there is the occasional body part pictures that were not solicited.

I have thoughts on these issues but I would rather hear from you, if you are seeking a mate.  My thought is lets gather the information, and see where it leads.

If you take the survey, and leave your email address, I will share the results and observations.  Your email is optional, and is not needed to take the survey.    I promise I will not share your email with anyone, and not send you any further emails, unless you say it is OK.

So here is a short survey that will take only a few minutes to complete.  Only the first page is required, and the last page/last question, which screens out spam.

Here is the link.  So you know, this survey uses Google Docs.

Digital Life Survey: Online Dating

Thank you so much,

Ronin Eternales