scam online dating website: Tactics

Here are some real life examples where I plucked the code to see what they were doing

The Terms are deliberately hidden

The scam website is deliberately preventing you from seeing the terms during credit card entry.    The content for providing these terms is based on an affiliate relationship, and framing the providers content in their website.  This is done with a web page programming language command: the HTML iframe.  It controls how much you can see, by limiting size and  preventing scrolling.

Here is what the credit card entry looks like.  If you look closely, you can see that the content about the terms is there, but not visible.  There is no way to see the terms.


Here is the HTML Code from the page which shows why you cannot see the terms.  It is being prevented with the size and no scroll instructions.


Update:  they have changed the code since the original post, and now it does allow some browsers to scroll down.  However because the scrolling code is not valid HTML (it is obsolete) it breaks some browsers and you cannot scroll down.

The location is fake

Here is the code that takes the Geoplugin and creates a location for Elise.  What is happening is that the script statement is retrieving the city and country where your IP address is.  Then the document.write statements are putting that on to the web page.


Here is code from justnowhookups


SafeDatersVerify Protecting you since 2008

The website makes this claim, but the whois record indicates the website is only 37 days old.  I guess they figured no one would check.

Here is the website snip


Here is the WhoIs record


Number of online users is faked

The number of online users they show is created by a random generated number.  They use a math function in the web programming language known as java script.   Here is the code snippet taken directly from their site.  Kudos to the programmer, who exhibits good coding practices and comments it for us, even though his outcome is different than his comments 😉


online dating scam website java script code



Here is the full page in PDF Form, copied from safedatersverify on 1/7/2016