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Ross Jeffries and Mystery

A while back I was good looking but awkward young man.  I could not attract the kind of quality woman that I desired.  Ross fixed that.  For me this provided the inner transformation to meet my wife.  I will have more to say on this subject in  future.  In the mean time, you will find that Ross is one of the most insightful and decent individuals you will ever meet.

How does this relate to online dating?  For a man, the odds are stacked against you because of lopsided ratio of men to women.  I believe with every fiber of my being that:

  • A man’s time is better spent developing the social skills and stature that is attractive to women.
  • The popular media gives men a false image of what is attractive to women

Regardless of using online dating apps or websites, at some point you will need get out from behind the smartphone and actually talk to a woman.

Here is the link to Ross Jeffries website if you want to take the next step.