Online Dating Scam: Brook Miller

Brook Miller  aka Brooklyn Miller –  The Scam

This scam is designed to get you to sign up for a cam show web site.

This is an updated version of the Brook Montana scam.  Today (10/17)  our dear friend started a new site,  ““.

“Brook” has made appearances in multiple geographies: on Craigslist, as an Escort,  and on the dating website Plenty of Fish (PoF).

In the Craigslist post I first found, a “young woman”, 24, wants to  have some fun today.   She references a local event.  In Pittsburgh, she is referencing Steelers games.  Then “she” goes on with something like:

today im looking to have some fun, hit me up at twosixtwo3eight eight8sevenfivesix, im chillin all day, lets chat and see what we can make happen.

When you send a text, you get a reply message directing to a personal site with a video and a variety of information that leads you to believe, you have met an escort.

Thanks to a reader’s idea (thanks Matt), I have been able to pull together a few different sites that this online dating scammer is running.

This site is titled ” Brook Miller” or Brooklyn Miller.  The other sites I have found are titled “Brook Montana“.

Here are the URLs:


The Tumblr blog is

The snap chat names are

  • brookmtana
  • brookmontana3

She also shows up in escort sites as “MsDallasBrook”

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When you send a text, the response is an auto-response, that says something to the effect “hell yes. is my personal web page with rates…”  When I sent a message questioning the validity, I received the same response.  Here is another example

Fucking awesome names Brook.. is my personal page with in and outcall rates reviews pics etc lmk if you’d like to hook up

—–Original Message—–
From: <>
Sent: Sat, 24 Sep 2016 13:03:05 +0000 (UTC)

>Is this more of your brook Montana scam?
>Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Once you get to the site, it is titled Brook Montana.  There is a video, that introduces an attractive young woman, who says she is from Wisconsin.  She instructs that you have to join a cam show web site for $25.  She says that she does this so that she can weed out people who are not serious.

I joined the cam site as a free member, using a burner email.  I was able to find the same woman on the site.  There were many persons who had provided the requisite gifts which presumably pays for a cam show.  I did not pay for any services there, I am unwilling to provide a credit card to the site.

The Online Dating Scam Website Brook Miller: Reviews

The site has a Reviews section, which purportedly shows snippets of reviews from “The Erotic Review” (TER) website.  Each review has a link  to the full review.

None of the links work.  I searched TER extensively, multiple variations, and was not able to find anyone who came anywhere close to the young woman in the pictures.

The Online Dating Scam Website Owner: Brooklyn Miller

The sites are hosted by GoDaddy, and are a facade for a Tumblr blog.  That is a service that GoDaddy provides.  All of the sites I have found (see end of this article) have fake names and addresses in the registry.  This one is typical. owner

This time, our scammer has used Godaddy’s anonymous registration feature.  This is standard for a private individual when hosting a website.   We do have other websites from this person, all are fake names and addresses, like the bello

Registrant Name: Brooklyn Miller
Registrant Street: 923 Park St.
Registrant City: West Allis
Registrant State/Province: Wisconsin
Registrant Postal Code: 53227
Registrant Phone: +1.2623883905
Registrant Email:

There is no Park Street in West Allis.  There is a Park Drive, with no residences, just a public park and what looks to be a wave pool.  There is a West Park Drive, however the street numbers are 5 digits, not 3.

I googled Brooklyn Miller, and found several women in Facebook, Twitter etc.  none of which I could say matched the pictures in the website.  Other than one person on Facebook, I could find no one in Wisconsin by that name.  I could find no one in Pittsburgh by that name either.

Contact number

I have seen 4 numbers from this person.

  • 262-388-8756
  • 920-809-1096 
  • 214-617-8580
  • 813-344-3621

The number is spelled out, to get past CL screener software, and presumably to avoid robots and auto-dialers. The last 2 numbers are contacts supposedly for an escort.

Brook Miller: The online dating scammer

The sites all have different, and apparently false names:  Brooklyn Miller, Brook Montana, Brooklyn Alexis.

All of the addresses provided on the internet registry are fake.

Here are some of the pictures on the site.

None of these pictures were found on a Tineye search.

She also shows up as an Escort, in Tampa, Texas, and Colorado.   Here is a neat trick, she shows up in Texas, Colorado, and posts ads in CL Pittsburgh, all at the same time!

The Cam Site

The cam site seems to be legit for what it offers.  As noted, I am not willing to use a credit card there to find out more.  I am not going to explore the site further, as it is not relevant to the subject at hand.  I would note that there is a fair number of people who have given gifts to Brook Montana.  Here is a lists of users in the cam site, who have recently provided gifts to Brook.

  • spanymanny
  • Daybowbow
  • dtheobrown
  • doughdohdoh
  • RA6406
  • markymark0587
  • WrlDLiBr8tR
  • thoraz122
  • sexmonstersAOT
  • stufdmuffin33
  • dasdrucker
  • kuriouskind
  • mambo2987
  • opnmndguy

I was able to search and probably find the general location of a few of the donors.  They are scattered geographically and none are in Pittsburgh.  I have seen reference to the same scam in Indianapolis centered discussion forums.


There is too much wrong here to conclude anything but a scam.  Nothing fits.  The person, the site, the reviews etc.   I sent a message to the website email and did not get a response.

I would love to hear from anybody to see what their experiences are with Brook Montana and the cam site.  Did you get a cam show?  did you get to meet here?  what part of the world are you in?

Have you run into “her”  elsewhere?  let me know, it helps pull together all of the pieces.

You can comment below, or send me a private message in the strictest of confidence.

Stay Safe


P.S.  When I sent the text to the phone, I did not actually use my cell, I used the text-to-sms method.  By performing a reverse phone look up I was able to determine it was an ATT provided cell phone.

Always do a reverse look up on any phone number you get.  Take a look at my Cell Phone Farmer post, to see what kind of number you should never call.

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Scam Site Registries

Registrant Name: Brook Montana
Registrant Address1: 876 Meade St
Registrant City: Appleton
Registrant State/Province: Wisconsin
Registrant Postal Code: 54911
Registrant Phone Number: +1.2623888756
Registrant Email:

There is no 876 on Meade St in Appleton.  Just an intersection.

Registrant Name: Brooklyn Alexis
Registrant Street: 984 Pinetree St
Registrant City: Tampa Bay
Registrant State/Province: Florida
Registrant Postal Code: 33601
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.8133443621
Registrant Email:

There is no 984 Pinetree street in 33601.  The zip is Port Charlotte.

Registrant Name: Brook Montana
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: 224 W Brewster St
Registrant City: Appleton
Registrant State/Province: Wisconsin
Registrant Postal Code: 54911
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.2146178580
Registrant Email:

There is no 224 W Brewster Street in Appleton.

This site was registered anonymously.