how to:

You can watch the video or read the instructions that follow

OK,  watch the video first  😉

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Method 1: TinEye Gets the Image

Copy the URL of the page where the image is located, navigate  to TinEye, paste and search the URL provided.  TinEye will then go to that page, gather all the images, and display them.  You can then choose which image you want to search.  Search them all if you are checking someone out.

Method 2: Give TinEye the Image URL

If that doesn’t work, (a web page can block Method 1 this if the author chooses to do so), or there are too many images on a single page, the next thing is to use the URL of the image directly. From the image right click on your browser and copy the image URL.   Each browser is a little different.

Go to TinEye and paste the URL in to the search box.  You will then see the results of your search, first with a summary  followed by a list of hits (if any) of your search.

Method 3: Snip it

Sometimes websites protect their images from copying in this manner.  It can be overcome with a screen capture, such as the Snipping tool that comes with Window. Once snipped, you save the picture, and then use the upload feature at  TinEye.


tineye results

You will find that it is quite powerful.  Modified images, heavily cropped are often found.

Can a scammer hide from this?  

With effort yes,  if they flip the image.  Right now the image search engines cannot find this.  It is easily circumvented though, you just down load the image, edit it, and flip it horizontally, save, then search it again.  Another thing that sometimes prevents TinEye from finding an image sometimes, is to intentionally make it blurry with an image editor.  So be suspicious of any globally fuzzy image.

Plugin and Bookmark for Convenience 

The easiest thing to do is use the TinEye plugin.  Click on this icon, and you will be transferred to TinEye, and you will be displayed the plugin page for your browser.  If you don’t want to do that, you can just bookmark the site.  There is a bookmark instruction at the bottom of the page on TinEye.

Hope this helps.


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