Podcast: Underage Sexting Scam

The focus on sexual harassment has created a new opportunity for scammers to prey on fears.


New Video: How to Detect a Scam in 2 Minutes

This video is a response to some Date Verification Scam Videos on YouTube.  I show how to detect and prove the scam in less than 2 minutes and provide some context before and after.

Troll or Moron?

I regularly receive emails thru the “Contact” feature of the blog.  Most of them are asking for help in getting out of the scam.  I respond to these as I have time, and provide  them what I think they should do.  Over the past several months I have been receiving emails that have a theme,…


Who Reads this Stuff?

While the US makes up the bulk of the readers, it truly is an international audience. In 2016 there were visitors from 69 different countries.

Safe and Single Scam

Freeageverificationinfo.com – Safe and Single Scam

FreeageverificationInfo.com is another get verified scam by the same folks that brought you Safe and Single, from a far corner of the world.


Flirt Girls – Get Verified Online Dating Scam

BP Flirt girls is a get verified scam. This one ties it self to Back Page, and Cragislist. This one signs you up for porn sites, at a cool $130.00 month if you’re not careful.