Troll or Moron?

I regularly receive emails thru the “Contact” feature of the blog.  Most of them are asking for help in getting out of the scam.  I respond to these as I have time, and provide  them what I think they should do.  Over the past several months I have been receiving emails that have a theme, that is the person has fallen for one of these scams, then sends ME an email and demands that I refund their money.

The first couple of emails, I politely responded to the person, pointing out that they were confused, and I was a blogger and did not charge them or take their credit card number.  I provided them some advice on what they should do next.

Then I  received a similar email, but the tone was threatening, and they indicated they were going to call a lawyer and sue me.  I provided an equally obnoxious response.

Then I began to wonder, could anybody really be that utterly stupid to write me for their money back?  All one needs to do is read one paragraph from my blog to understand what this is about.

There are a few possibilities…


  1. They really are that stupid.
  2. They are simple internet trolls and trying to get a reaction.
  3. One of the scammers is trying to identify and/or locate me (only a remote possibility).

Because I can’t tell the difference between a Troll or a Moron, I will no longer respond to an email of this nature.

Of course any email that is genuinely seeking help, I will respond as soon as I am able.




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