Secrets for Attracting Women

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7 thoughts on “Secrets for Attracting Women

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    • That’s a fair question. Sometimes the differences between attraction, seduction and pick-up artist are blurred.

      No it’s not about being a pick-up Artist.

      If anyone goes at this thinking there are some magic phases that will get you laid you are on the wrong path.

      It’s about how you behave around beautiful women so that they find you attractive. Just as important it is about changing you for the better. Yes there is a wealth of tactical information in the materials but the real gold is the personal growth that can come from it.

      Thank you for the question. It is worthy of its own blog entry, coming soon.


  4. There is this girl I am really in to. We sometime go to lunch or cafe and sometimes at after work gatherings. We always have a good time. I want to date her but she says solo amigos. Do you think one of these programes will help change her mind?


    • I really feel for anyone in this spot.

      The answer is that it very difficult, but It isn’t impossible. You really have nothing lose, so you should give it a shot, but I want to be honest and say that the odds are not in your favor.

      Sexual attraction was broken somewhere along the way. To go from Friends to Lovers, you will need to take steps to make her see you as a sexual presence.

      The first thing you should do, is to become much less available. Stop the lunches, stop the coffee. This is even more important if she is using these meetings to talk about some guy, or some jerk at work. In other words, you are one of her “girlfriends”.

      I recommend that you get the Attraction is not a Choice eBook. This will give you the knowledge of how Attraction is created, and inform you the mistakes you made along the way.

      This question deserves a more throrough answer, which you can find here:

      Good Luck


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