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22 thoughts on “Safe Local Friend and CraigDating Network – – Online Dating Scam

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I came across this scam on Craig’s list . it was exactly as you’ve explained. but I’m not giving credit card info to be verified. Then an hour later I get a second introdutory email as if their computer didn’t take into account our previous conversation. That’s when I googled safelocal friend scam and found your article. Thanks again.


  2. Thanks, was just about to send c/c info because the pictures were showing up with less garments on. Then I googled and found your post. You saved me the headache and gave me good solid info !


  3. Under their Terms and Conditions, You will not find a number to call to cancel their so called 7 day free trial.
    If you don’t cancel before the 7th day, you will be billed $39.95 per month.
    Also the “Any charges made to your credit card will appear under ‘SERVSCASH.COM ”
    SERVSCASH.COM IS not a valid website address. Like he says “You don’t really know who has your credit card” So how do you cancel the service? Cancel the credit card or get bank to refuse charges.
    But then they will just change their name and continue to charge away.
    So much for our free enterprise in this country.


  4. I used a virtual credit card # (with ShopSafe, through Bank Americard), funded with only $5.00. It was declined, as I expected it to be. They had tried to charge more than $5. Then I Googled the safelocalfreinddatingnetwork (note: friend is spelled wrong) and found your scam page. Thanks, -kn


  5. I don’t think you are actually talking to a real person. I think it’s a computer spitting out canned messages.
    Because I have asked specific questions and never get an answer back.
    Also when you do go this site to register. You see the person you supposedly talking to, pictures and all,
    Their profile. In my case this women lived in same town as I did. Do they have some way of detecting your exact location? and put this in the profile to make it more interesting? Again I asked for her to name something in our town that anyone who lives here should know. But never got an answer back.
    That’s why I think it’s not a real person you are talking to.


  6. Twice now I have tried to post a warning message on Craig List. Under the subject Personals/casual encounters/W4M about this scam/fraud that’s going on, warning to other guys not to go there.
    First of all I can’t find it once it says it’s published. So I don’t know where CL is putting it or hiding it.
    Then next day I look at my account under my postings. An it says it’s been flagged for removal.
    Who’s doing this?? Is this CL operators that’s removing it?? Why would they do that??
    Have you ever tried posting some kind of warning message to other guys about the scam scheme going on??


    • I can only answer with partial certainty, but I can get you close.

      I KNOW that It is not CL operations. They are quite negligent – because there are things they could do to screen out a large majority of scams – they just choose not to. e.g. a poster from California isn’t likely looking for a date in Iowa. 😉 Then you have a combination of the vigilantes and scammers themselves. CL Vigilantes will flag anything not a W4M post. In some cases, they actually have networks and chat rooms where they gang up to to go flag something. In their view, you posting a warning doesn’t add value – kinda of a “no shit Sherlock” moment to them. I don’t agree with it, because new people go there all the time, as evidenced by the large number of visitors to my site. There are also some scammers who might flag it as well, but I think they are the minority.

      I have posted a warning in W4M and kept it up for a day or so, but it eventually gets flagged, and I posted again, based on the number of positive comments I received. I think because it was a high quality post, it lasted a little longer. I also posted it in rants and raves. That post is essentially the same content as my craigslist post here –


  7. I wish I had done my homework. I actually called to cancel my subscription with one of these fake sites. It seems to have gone through, and I did get a confirmation number. But to be safe, I am canceling my credit card.


  8. Ronin I feel affirmed having visited this site. I have recognized all the earmarks of the scammers and avoided them. Whew! I guess my questions are; Are there real people on Cl?; and if so; How do you meet them?


  9. I date asia seems to be a white label dating site, so I would not classify the same as the shell sites that sign you up for white label and porn sites. That said, I would not bother with the site. The owner has chosen to stay anonymous, and these sites have very little to offer that is unique.


  10. Thanks. Another variation:
    Same thing.
    I suggested to “her” that while I respected “her” need for safety, that I was concerned about my digital safety and asked to meet for a drink in a public place. Rejected.

    “She” in this case posted an adv on a dating site (Cougar Life) and included “her” email address in “her” profile. Probably because the site admins sniffed out the scam and shut “her” down too quickly for a lot of PM’s back and forth.


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