CraigPersonals – Online Dating Scam

This Site is Moving!

I am in the process of building a new site with a better design.  The Articles that review the Craig’s Dating Verification sites are now being maintained on my new site.

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13 thoughts on “CraigPersonals – Online Dating Scam

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    • Occasionally, I get an email or a comment like this. In some cases they are just lost souls, that searched a term that shows up on their credit card and my blog is often at the top of the google results. Without further reading my site, they leave what can only be called a moronic message like this. In some cases, I believe that they are the scam web site owners themselves. Oiy Vey!

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  2. need help n advice asap plz

    i was talking to this girl n she gave me the link n she said that it just to see im legit and when i ask her mobile number she gave me same link n i press and still wont give me her mobile number on her profile. do u reackon i was a victim of scam artists?


  3. I have posted once in this and got a reply from a lady who wants to be in serious relationship. She never asked about sex but she talks only about her self. Her dreams and all those.
    She would like to get married to me. She is texting me in phone. Didnt met her till now.

    Will it be a cheating profile.? She had sent some good pics if her and even i send two.

    Is it looking good..? Should I be aware of anything else here..?

    Looking forward for your reply.


  4. If i attempted to sign up but however my credit card was declined due to NO FUNDS AT APPARENT TIME CAN THEY CHARGE MY CARD ONCE MONEY IS DEPOSITED IN MY ACCOUNT?? Or am I good and just Never do it again

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